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Dried Figs

Dried Figs

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Dried Figs: It is the fruit of the common fig tree of the moraceae family. Emblem of the Mediterranean has been cultivated for millennia. Dried in the sun to evaporate part of its water. This process needs temperatures above 30 degrees.


Ingredients: Dried figs.

Dried fruits such as dried figs were part, before the Middle Ages, of the traditional cuisine of many countries. In the Europe of that time, cakes beef with prunes and dates were tasted, pickled fish was accompanied with raisins and figs and the ducks with fruits.

It is a fruit with numerous historical references that retract us to the Quaternary Age. In the Old Testament they were related as one of the signs of "wealth". The main producers of this fruit are Turkey and Spain. The use of dried figs is varied: pastries, cakes, ice cream recipes. Its use is based on direct consumption, pastries, cakes and recipes. Its use in the dried state is important as they are, especially in winter, a concentrated food, easy to preserve, and, in small volume, they are very nutritious, easily digestible, palatable and high energy power because of its concentration of rapid digestion sugars.

Data sheet

Nutrition Information
per 100 g
1044 kJ / 250 kcal
0,9 g
of which saturates
0,1 g
54 g
of which sugars
48 g
9,8 g
3,3 g
0 g