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Our facilities near the production area Jerid with more than 1.5 million date palms allows us to guarantee a product according to our high quality standards.

All our farmers are adhered to a set of stringent production standards in order to preserve quality.

The size, appearance, freshness, humidity and bacteriological values are reviewed by our quality controllers to ensure only top quality dates are integrated into the production process.


Our own laboratory equipped with the most advanced equipment is one of the key elements in quality management.

By this means we can check & control products in each stage of production allowing a very high reactivity.

This ensures that after each of the different operations of the production process, the product retains all its natural characteristics: its nutritional quality, microbiological quality and sensory quality.


For us, the quality is an ongoing and daily commitment. Our quality control policy enables us to ensure a high level of food safety.

All our activities from the selection of dates to the marketing are certified ISO 22000, ISO 9001, IFS Food and BRC Food.

Our quality department employs 11 skilled technicians in food handling to ensure that our products are made in accordance with the Norms and appropriate Guidelines.


The respect for specifications and delivery dates are our basic principles for a successful collaboration with our customers.

The business relationships we have established with our customers over the years, are based on criteria of flexibility and reliability but also on the confidence in our business , marketing and quality strategy.