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Healthy Snack

A selection of the best and recognized dried fruits. With the doypack format (easy open / close), you can take your favorite fruit to practice sports giving you energy, to snack at any time and anywhere or use it to cook and give a different touch to your salads, desserts or various presentations.

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Dates DoyPack

Pitted Deglet Nour dates, ready to eat. Ideal for sports because of its high potassium and fiber...

Prunes DoyPack

Besides being beneficial for intestinal transit, it provides a lot of energy. It combines very...

Raisins DoyPack

Sultana grape dried in the sun, offers varieties of vitamins and minerals of great value for the...

Dried Figs Doypack

It is obtained with the natural drying of the Lerida type fig, also called the Smyrnal fig. A...