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The story begun in the early twentieth century, when founder Don Bernabé Biosca, Spanish entrepreneur, landed in Tunisia to cross the Sahara desert by camel caravans and arrived at the gates of the largest desert in the world, where he discovered an oasis that had more than one million date palms and fruit of ancient origin and unique taste, dates.

Back to Spain, he brought many kilos of dates that gave to taste to family and friends, who appreciated its taste like honey. This passion for dates led Don Bernabé Biosca to build a packaging factory of dates in Nefta and create the brand El Monaguillo in 1919.

The strength of an authentic tradition of quality that dates back to 1919, release date and marketing of our brand El Monaguillo. Bernabé Biosca Alimentación is an enterprise level and international prestige which specializes in exporting full range of Tunisian dates.

El Monaguillo is leader of dates in Spain and Portugal sectors as well as in Latin America, as a result of trust and good relationships with their customers.

Located in the heart of the production area of Djerid, our factory has been totally renovated in 2011, achieving a large capacity of processing and refrigerated storage.

Bernabé Biosca Alimentación belong to a group of companies that share the same passion for quality products. Our product range is varied and includes: Medjoul dates, dried figs, raisins, prunes, dried apricots, dried tomato, oiled olive quality and our flagship product, the variety of the best date and highest quality in the world: the Deglet Nour date.

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